Brawl Breaks Out At Los Angeles Dodgers-Minnesota Twins Game, One Fan Gets Completely Knocked Out


Andrew Powell Contributor
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Idiots alert … idiots alert … idiots alert …

Earlier this week, a Los Angeles Dodgers fan got outright knocked out during an insane brawl involving several people that sparked up after a game. And you know how we do in 2023: it was all caught on video.

Things went down in Los Angeles only minutes after Tuesday night’s game (the Dodgers took the loss against the Minnesota Twins), with things stemming from a verbal altercation featuring multiple fans.

Video from TMZ shows two men shoving each other, which escalated to them throwing punches. At one point, a dude wearing a Clayton Kershaw jersey was smashed so hard in the face by another guy wearing a blue Dodgers shirt (this Dodger on Dodger violence needs to stop!) after charging at him. And the result?

He was completely knocked out cold, with his head banging the pavement leaving him unconscious.