‘Deepthroating Gretchen Whitmer’s High Heels’: CEO Issues Scathing Response To MI Police After They Ask For Free Ammo

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A Michigan small business, refusing to blindly support local law enforcement after the way some departments handled the Covid-19 pandemic, issued a scathing response to a Michigan police group after they asked for an ammo donation.

After the Michigan Tactical Officers Association (MTOA) asked Fenix Ammo for a donation for its upcoming training conference, CEO Justin Nazaroff replied he would be happy to do so, under certain conditions.

Nazaroff said he needed “a face-to-face apology from every Michigan police officer” who enforced Covid-19 restrictions, according to an email reviewed by the Daily Caller. Nazaroff also requested a signed statement from Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office and the MTOA assuring they would not enforce any “red flag” gun laws or any other restrictive measures instituted by the state of Michigan or the federal government.

“Anything less than that is unacceptable, and I certainly will not be a part of enhancing your training so that it can be used against the American public in the way that it already has,” Nazaroff said. (RELATED: ‘We Put Everything On The Line’: Michigan Business Owner Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Restrictions)

Nazaroff told the Daily Caller he always strove to support law enforcement in the past, and claimed he donated ammunition to the MTOA for their previous training conferences. That changed, however, when his business was fined by a local police officer during Covid-19 lockdowns for not complying with mask mandates.

“Respect has to go both ways,” Nazaroff told the Caller, later accusing the MTOA of “whole-hog deepthroating Gretchen Whitmer’s high heels two years ago.”

Nazaroff also said it would be difficult to trust police officers in light of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) ruling on pistol braces in January 2023. The DOJ ruled that “any weapons with ‘stabilizing braces’ or similar attachments that constitute rifles under the NFA must be registered no later than May 31, 2023.”

Nazaroff wondered what will happen to those who don’t comply after May 31, particularly after what happened to individuals who refused to comply with lockdown measures, many of which were later deemed unconstitutional. (RELATED: Whitmer Admits Some Of Her Lockdown Policies Didn’t Make Sense)

The Daily Caller reached out to MTOA for comment, to which they did not immediately reply.