Pittsburgh Steelers’ T.J. Watt Dangerously (And Hilariously) Takes Accidental Fall Into Pool

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @_TJWatt]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Scary, but funny.

Understandably so, Pittsburgh Steelers fans were extremely nervous Thursday after a video showed their three-time Pro Bowl linebacker T.J. Watt taking a dangerous (yet hilarious) accidental fall into his pool while he was routinely cleaning it.

If that wasn’t bad enough where Watt could have suffered an injury, he also had his phone in his pocket, which had some worried that he could have gotten electrocuted in the water. Personally, I think that worry was a bit overblown, but with how passionate Pittsburgh and Steelers fans are about football … hey, I get it.

Taking to Twitter, Watt shared his embarrassing moment, jokingly warning to his followers “don’t try at home.”

“Warning… The activity in this video may be dangerous… don’t try at home.. (I am completely ok),” tweeted Watt.

Did anybody notice the dog near the pool?

I personally couldn’t help but to be focused in on that dog, just because I hear so many stories about dogs saving people from drowning, but maybe that’s just me. I was just hoping to witness a pooch being a hero, sorry. (RELATED: San Diego Lands 30th MLS Franchise, Will Make Debut In 2025)

Moving on, I love how worried Steelers fans got about this entire thing, once again showing their passion for their team, which I’ve always admired. It was pretty cool to see, always is.

Shoutout to Sixburgh, man!