Video Deep-Dives Into Whether We Can Survive The Next Great Extinction


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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You probably wouldn’t expect an animated goldfish screaming conspiracies in a video detailing the science of mass extinction events, but that’s what makes Thursday’s episode of “The Why Files” so superb.

In the latest episode of the hit YouTube series, hosts AJ and Hecklefish tackle the absolutely enormous topic of mass extinctions, arguably the most fascinating field of scientific research known to man (and by man, I mean, me, a female). Mass extinction events are defined as a period of time where at least 75% of species on Earth disappear much faster than they are replaced, according to the Natural History Museum.

The cause of these extinctions comes from any number of sources, all of which seem to be discussed in the video. Examples include the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and the “great dying” event where 96% of life on Earth was wiped out.

The hosts also touch upon the sheer impact of natural disasters, and the possibility of manipulating matter to create extreme weather events and earthquakes. Such events have killed millions, so being able to create them artificially is a pretty terrifying thought. But I’ll leave that part up for you to debate with yourself.

What’s most shocking about this video is the amount of data that appears to be neglected by the academic community that could at least help us better predict mass extinctions and natural disasters. As an academically qualified geography nerd, I have lectured people about how we can’t predict earthquakes, only forecast them. But it turns out, people have accurately predicted earthquakes. They just used variables that fall way outside of the academic norm.

But mainstream scientists hate admitting they’re wrong, or that the things they’ve built their entire career upon might be out-of-date. It’s really quite sad how renegade researchers like Graham Hancock are shunned, despite gathering data that academics won’t.

It’s also scary to think that there are many emerging fields of study that suggest the Earth’s core and our place in the cosmos have far more of an influence on our survival than the mainstream will let us realize. (RELATED: ‘Starvation, Death, Destruction’: Superstar Actor Dennis Quaid Makes Strange Warning To Society)

So, would we survive a mass extinction event? No, probably not. Not even if we do figure out what’s going, probably. Thankfully, the next big one shouldn’t be for about 13 million years. We just have to navigate the smaller stuff until then.

I highly recommend watching this video in full. It’s absolutely fascinating.