Man Allegedly Kills Old Woman Before Asking Maid To Help Clean Up Murder Scene


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Authorities in Florida have accused a man of killing an elderly woman before calling a housekeeping service to help him clean up the murder scene.

Michael Corrado, 34, has been charged with second-degree murder. In addition, he was accused of severely beating an elderly man. Both of the alleged crimes occurred at Golden Gate Estates in Collier County, Florida.

“Detectives said that around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday Corrado called a housekeeper to help him clean up a residence on 16th Street Northeast,” Collier County authorities reported on Facebook. “When the housekeeper arrived, a blood-stained Corrado led her to a bedroom where the female victim was located.”

Michael Corrado, 34, of Naples, Florida was accused of killing elderly woman at Golden Gate Estates

The frightened housekeeper told Corrado she needed to get some supplies from her car, according to the Facebook post. She then drove off and flagged down a patrol car a short distance from the crime scene. (RELATED: Man Who Allegedly Hacked Girlfriend To Death Tried Using Google Translate To Help Dispose Body: REPORT)

“Deputies immediately responded to the residence where they located the deceased female,” police said. “They found the male victim wrapped in a blanket with severe head injuries.”

Detectives said Corrado knew the two victims and that the deceased woman had an active order of protection against him. The male victim was airlifted to a trauma center.

Deputies found Corrado standing outside the home in blood-splattered clothing and arrested him.

“This individual is in our custody thanks to the swift response by deputies and the quick-thinking reporter who was able to get herself out of the residence and alert law enforcement,” Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said.

With the case under further investigation, Corrado, who was released from prison last year, was booked into the Collier County jail.