College Graduate Earns Five Degrees … At Twelve Years Old

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Clovis Hung, a twelve-year-old graduate, walked the stage at Fullerton College to receive an impressive five diplomas Saturday during the commencement exercises.

Hung graduated with Associates in Arts degrees in History, Social Sciences, Social Behavior and Self Development, Arts and Human Expression, and Science and Mathematics. He holds the record as the youngest graduate to hold five degrees from Fullerton College, according to CBS News.

“I feel proud of myself,” the young prodigy said. “Hard work has finally paid off.”

Hung was nine when he enrolled at the California community college through its Special Admit program, which permitted him to earn college credits as he completed his home school curriculum, according to KTLA 5.

He was homeschooled since 2019 by his mother, Song Choi, who removed him from public school due to his curiosity and self-discipline.

“Clovis is super inquisitive, mature, diligent, self-disciplined, and highly motivated. He is also very curious and traditional public school could not satisfy his curiosity, therefore, the best option was college,” Hung’s mother said. (RELATED: ‘At 81 She Still Has A Future’: Indiana Great-Grandmother Fulfills Decades Long Pursuit Of Graduating College)

Hung first enrolled at Fullerton College in 2020 despite concerns regarding the rigorous pace of higher education. His first class was a history class about world civilizations where he found he could handle the workload.

“After that first history class, I found out I could handle it well and instantly fell in love with college life. So, I challenged myself to take more classes.” Hung said in an interview with the school’s publication.

Hung admitted to feeling nervous at first about interacting with older students.

“The first question the professors and classmates usually ask is how old I am,” Hung said. “They are surprised at what I am doing here and always curious about the points of my quizzes and exams. However, after a while, I have shown a serious attitude toward my study; they all believe in my ability and determination to get good grades.”

Jack Rico, the community college’s former youngest graduate, inspired Hung’s early education. Like Hung, Rico was homeschooled by his mother. He graduated from Fullerton College at age 13 in 2021, previously holding the record for most degrees earned at the school. Hung beat Rico’s record of four degrees.

Hung joined the Civic Air Patrol and hopes to acquire his pilot license at age 16.

In the meantime, he intends to continue traveling to foreign countries with his family, earn Eagle Scout merit badges, play basketball, build Star Wars Lego scenes, and play with his pets.