Parent And Referee Brawl It Out During Youth Basketball Game

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Here we go again with yet another fight at a youth sporting event.

If you’re a reader of my blogs here at the Daily Caller, you’re aware of how many fights I cover, and recently, a ton of them have been at youth sports games. And here’s another one that we can add to the collection.

A video that’s been circulating around social media shows a fight that broke out Saturday night in Fort Wayne, Indiana during a youth basketball game.

In the clip, two parents appear to be having an argument with a referee who was close to the stands. The man, who I assume is the father of one of the kids who was playing in the game, ends up shoving his (I’m guessing) wife (or girlfriend?) out of the way and heads toward the referee.

Most likely arguing about a bad call against the dad’s “superstar” son, things ended up turning physical between the father and official, with the former throwing a couple of punches as the zebra fell to the ground while trying to charge after the parent. But when the referee got back his footing, the dad got sent down on the court with a driving tackle.

And it’s sad too, just watch the reaction from the kids in attendance — they were actually enjoying the chaos:

Just another day of America declining… (RELATED: Brawl Breaks Out At Los Angeles Dodgers-Minnesota Twins Game, One Fan Gets Completely Knocked Out)

Sad, just sad.