Texas House Speaker Goes Viral For Slurring During Session


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared Saturday on social media shows Republican Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan “either really drunk or having a stroke” during a legislative session.

The video shared online shows Phelan speaking incoherently while pointing at various individuals and appearing to discuss a proposed amendment. The video was captured at the Texas House of Representatives. At least one former state politician, Jonathan Strickland, said Phelan’s apparent drunkenness was normal behavior for Texas lawmakers.

“Anyone who watches the [Texas] House knows many of the members are regularly intoxicated. Watching the Speaker be this wasted is absolutely unacceptable,” Strickland alleged on his Twitter account, sharing the footage of Phelan. “These Representatives are making laws that impact 30 million Texans. It must stop.”

However, it remains unclear as to whether Phelan was drunk or suffering a medical emergency. Either situation could have a significant impact on his political career. Phelan’s office declined to provide the Daily Caller with any comment on the story. (RELATED: Drunk Girl Goes Viral For Thinking She Spent The Night With Morgan Wallen)

Conservative commentator Greg Price, who shared the footage, noted that “nobody stopped and asked [Phelan] if he was okay.”

“The House just kept on debating a bill and Phelan kept on going until they adjourned,” Price continued.