Enormous Gator Captured After Wandering Outside Florida Elementary School

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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A nearly 10-foot long alligator got caught Sunday outside of an elementary school in Jacksonville, Florida, according to multiple reports.

A viewer reported the presence of a gator strolling in the parking lot of St. Clair Evans Academy on Moncrief Road while neighbors were watching behind the fence, according to News4JAX. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, with assistance from the Florida Fish and Wildlife, caught the alligator and took it away. (RELATED:‘Only In Florida’: Gator Literally Pulls Apart Metal Fence To Crawl Through To Other Side)

Astin Hunt, the Owner of Hunt Wildlife Service provided safety precautions for anyone caught in a dangerous situation with a gator.

“There is not a human on earth that can outrun a gator in the first 10 yards,” Hunt told local CBS affiliate Action News Jax. Hunt said it is natural for a gator to hunt from a bank and it is not impossible for a gator to pursue someone in an urban setting.

“They got a fast switch so yeah, they’re explosive,” Hunt continued. “As they leave water and grab prey that’s the kill zone, so if you are far enough away it should be no issue at all, they have no interest pursuing you on land.”

Duval County Public Schools released a statement reassuring that the alligator didn’t hurt any student, per Action News Jax.

“While this gator chose to visit the campus on a Sunday when no people were present, we do want to ensure the students are safe,” the statement reads.

“All wildlife issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. In this case, facilities staff will survey the perimeter of the campus to determine where the alligator may have entered. They will take preventative measures as appropriate.”