Authorities Kill Bison Calf At Yellowstone National Park, Appear To Blame Tourist


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Officials at Yellowstone National Park claimed Tuesday that they were forced to kill a newborn bison after they alleged that unidentified man disturbed it.

A press release from the National Park Service described how an unidentified male was seen approaching the newborn calf, which was separated from its mother while the herd crossed the Lamar River. The calf was struggling, so the man allegedly helped push it up from the river and onto the roadway.

NPS stated that this type of interference can cause wildlife to reject their offspring. The only thing park rangers tried to do — apparently repeatedly — was reunite the calf with its herd. When that didn’t work, they didn’t bother trying to do anything else. They killed the newborn and went about their day.

NPS appears to be trying to hunt down the man in question. Why, I am unsure, as he didn’t kill the animal. Calls, emails, and voicemails to NPS were not immediately returned.

It sounds like NPS is just trying to exercise some weird power trip over him, and it’s so obvious that it’s quite embarrassing.

Amazingly, nature has survived fairly comfortably for millions of years without human management. So any time an animal is killed instead of being given a chance of life, the person(s) ordering and doing the killing is playing God. And that just isn’t okay. In fact, it’s downright disgusting.

The only time animals should be killed is when they’ve attacked a human (within reason, some people deserve it), and for food. (RELATED: Yellowstone Park Rangers Find Woman’s Body In Car)

The Yellowstone authorities could have chosen to take the calf to a sanctuary, or even nursed it themselves at home. But no, they chose to kill it, because that is probably easier for them. Disgusting. I can’t believe we allow this to happen.