France Decides It Hates Tourism And Science, Makes The Stupidest Decision Ever

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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France decided on Tuesday to ban short-haul domestic flights that can be completed by train in two-and-a-half hours or less, and it’s making me so mad my teeth are itchy.

“This is an essential step and a strong symbol in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” French transportation minister Clement Beaune said of the dumbest decision I’ve heard about all day, CNN reported. Beaune’s ignorance proposal will impact jobs, the economy, tourism and the French public, and is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen emerge from the warped illegitimate science on climate change.

Having been born in the EU, let me tell you that the only good part about it (except for the food, watersports and sometimes the weather), is being able to travel quickly between cities and regions. A friend of mine once woke up in Geneva, Switzerland, came to Milan, Italy, to meet me for lunch, then made it back to Nice, France, to perform a concert in the evening. It’s absolutely incredible.

But now, of course, the French have decided to ruin everything, and not just for tourists. They might make good bread, but the French have a fairly substantial track record of making macro-decisions that can truly devastate their populace. I dread to think how this decision will impact people who travel back and forth between regions for work or to take care of family members.

Clearly, politicians don’t care about this. They care about bowing down to their global elitist overlords who still spew the same unverified and highly dubious science surrounding “climate change.” (RELATED: Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group Privately Voice Concern WEF Has Upstaged Their Plans For World Domination)

It’s like France’s leadership said, “Forget real people’s lives. Forget practicality. Forget modernity and allowing those peasants who vote for us to become global citizens. Instead, let’s focus on making Klaus Schwab’s wet dreams of a communist-style divided society come true. We’re still taking the private jet to Davos, right? Lol.” Idiots.

Real people will lose their jobs, and have their lives turned upside down by this choice. But aren’t we used to this from our unelected overlords by now? Surely it’s time we stand up and say “NO MORE.”

I can’t see that happening in Europe, as so many residents have been lulled into forgoing their freedoms under the myth of modern climate change. It’s like a cult. Thank God for America, freedom and this country’s constitution.