Jay Leno Provides Health Update After Fire And Motorcycle Accidents

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Jay Leno updated his health condition after suffering third-degree burns in an explosion in his garage in November and breaking multiple bones in a bike crash in January.

Leno attended the kickoff event in advance of the premiere of “Hot Wheels: The Ultimate Challenge” Saturday, and spoke candidly about how he has rebounded after suffering injuries in a succession of unfortunate incidents. “I’m doing good! I’m doing good,” he told Page Six. “People love to see rich people catch on fire.”

He spoke about his celebrity status and finances being an advantage in his healing process. Making reference to his financial backing and his ability to seek top-notch healthcare, Leno said, “So when something bad happens to you, you can’t whine and complain about it because bad things happen to people every day — either they get burned or they get cut — and they don’t have the financial wherewithal I did.”

“It’s fine! I’m fine,” he said. Leno kept the comedy alive during his most challenging days.

“So I just make jokes,” he said, as he shrugged off the severity of his injuries.

“Plus, it’s Hollywood. As long as you look OK, you’re OK. Nobody really cares how you feel,” Leno joked. (RELATED: Jay Leno Returns To The Stage 2 Weeks After Suffering 3rd Degree Burns)

Leno said he has a new outlook on life, and lives for the moment, especially when it comes to his career.

“Show business is fleeting.”

“You enjoy it while you can, and it’s fun,” he said.