Terrified Yankees Fans Completely Lose Their Minds Over Friendly Squirrel

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Everybody knows how much I love the Yankees brand, but fans have to do better here.

The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles faced off Tuesday night in the Bronx battling for second place in the AL East, which is entertaining in itself. But even more fun got thrown our way when a squirrel showed up and joined the party.

It was an innocent moment that should have had every adult going back to their childhood, embracing the furry friend.

Even a Yankees pitcher was trying to feed it sunflower seeds:

But not everybody had those feelings, as a group of New York fans completely freaked out and lost their minds over the squirrel, and it was just … it was weak, man.

Just outright weak:

Roll it back again, but zoom it in a bit more this time:

Things got so bad that some Yankees fans are now calling it the “squirrel curse”:

Meanwhile, in Cleveland:

Seriously… (RELATED: Atlanta Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr. Brilliantly Tricks Los Angeles Dodgers, Steals Base With Flash-Like Speed)

We’ve got to do better, Yankees fans.