‘This Will Go Down In The History Books’: NY Post Reporter Speaks Out After Viral Machete Confrontation

Screenshot/Fox News/Jesse Watters Primetime

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New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton stopped by “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Thursday to speak out about his encounter with a machete-wielding former Hunter College professor.

Former Hunter College adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez emerged from her apartment brandishing a machete, after Fenton knocked on her door to ask questions about her viral encounter with pro-life students on campus. Rodriguez held the machete against the reporter’s neck and allegedly chased him down the street. (RELATED: ‘Try To Chop Our Heads Off’: Jesse Watters Slams Machete-Wielding Professor For Threatening Reporter)

“I don’t think anybody would’ve ever expected something like that,” Fenton told guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Fenton said he’s done approximately 10,000 door-knocks to ask questions but has never experienced a situation like this.

“This was a first,” he said.

“This will go down in the history books as a story I’ll be telling for the rest of my life,” Fenton added.

Fenton said his calm demeanor was the result of having been desensitized over the years of his journalism career and a gut instinct Rodriguez would not really hurt him.

The reporter also said that students at the college told one of his colleagues that the campus is “nutty” and “full of people like this.”

“I feel really bad for them,” Fenton said. “You can hear that they’re just trying to be conciliatory toward her. They’re just trying to calm her down essentially.”