Jimmy Butler Blasted Country Music To Anger His Teammates, Hilariously Became Fan By Accident

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Jimmy Butler.

Houston-born NBA superstar Jimmy Butler (of my Miami Heat) is a huge fan of country music. In fact, he’s such a big fan of the genre that he’s planning on putting out his own country music album at some point.

Butler took part in an interview seven months ago on the “Alo Yoga” podcast, and a particular clip from his appearance is now going viral with the superstar leading his Heat to be just one win away from the NBA Finals, currently holding a 3-1 lead over the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the “Alo Yoga” clip, Butler revealed his love for country music and talked about how he realized he was a fan.

Jimmy’s love for the music began when he was trolling his teammates.

One day in the locker room, everybody was listening to rap music through their Beats headphones, but instead of actually having the headphones over their ears, Butler said they had the music blaring with the headphones around their neck and everyone in the room was forced to hear it.

Well, Jimmy Butler — not happy with those locker room arrangements — went home and Googled ‘What is the most country song?,’ and the song that he came across was “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw. Jimmy took that song to the locker room and started blasting it over his headphones so all of his teammates could hear it. He had a point to make, after all.

But what happened was Jimmy Butler hilariously realized that he, himself, actually liked country music.

Since then, he’s been a fan.

Here’s a single clip of the moment just in case YouTube flicks out (I know how technology can be):

@abideproject Now Jimmy’s Dropping a Country album! 😂😂 #jimmybutler #miamiheat #hoopertok #motivation #NBA ♬ Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love) – JAY-Z

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By the way, here’s a cool video I found of Jimmy Butler that I found the other night that I just want to share:

And this too: