Mikael Ymer Busts Racket, Smashes Massive Hole In Umpire’s Chair At Lyon Open

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This is why we can’t have nice things.

During a Lyon Open match Wednesday, tennis star Mikael Ymer ended up getting so frustrated with the chair umpire that he ended up putting a giant hole in the actual chair — and his racket completely exploded in the process.

While playing against Arthur Fils in the round of 16, Ymer wanted a check to be done on a ball mark following the chair umpire ruling one of Fils’ shots as in. Thinking the call was out and then hearing no call, Ymer attempted to return the shot, with it going out on Fils’ end, but the umpire declined Ymer’s request. However, Ymer didn’t accept the decision.

Ymer went on to lose the match, and that’s when he completely flipped his lid.

The Swedish tennis player went over to the chair umpire, and in true temper tantrum fashion, started smashing his racket against the chair, exploding it in the process. And more amazingly, he left a massive hole in the side of the chair while the umpire just sat there looking at him like he was stupid. Ymer was disqualified.

Like I said, man … this is why we can’t have nice things.

On one end, I do find this entertaining. After all, you guys know how much I love crash content. But with how prestigious and sophisticated tennis is, with how much of a rich man’s game it is, I can’t help but to feel like this is disrespectful to the sport. (RELATED: REPORT: Manchester United To Be Aggressive In Pursuit For Harry Kane, Want Deal Quickly When Transfer Window Opens)

Let’s try to do better, Mikael, because this was complete nonsense.