Terrifying Video Shows Walls Collapsing As Fire Engulfs Building


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A terrifying video shared by the BBC, Thursday, shows the walls collapsing during a 10th-alarm fire in Sydney, Australia.

More than 100 Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) firefighters were called in to tackle a huge blaze at a multi-story building in Sydney, Australia, according to the BBC. The fire broke out around 4 pm local time, and explosions could be heard throughout the area, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Footage shared by multiple outlets showed the wall on the upper floors of the building collapsing into the adjacent alleyway, hitting the neighboring buildings on their way down.

As the rubble falls, you can clearly see plumes of smoke and huge torrents of fire spewing out and up from the interior of the building. What appears to be drone or helicopter footage of the fire from the roof shows the fire across at least four floors and billowing out from the top of the building. Eventually, the entire building was alight.

The fire managed to spread to at least one vehicle in the vicinity, the video shows, as well as threatening neighboring buildings and infrastructure. Officials stated that the fire receives a “10th alarm” status, the most severe on the scale, due to the sheer scale of the situation.

It is not known if the fire caused any fatalities, but at least one firefighter received minor burns to his arm, the BBC noted. Bystanders at a nearby pub cheered as a cat was carried out of the building by police officers and returned to its owners, SMH noted. (RELATED: ‘His Leg Split In The Middle’: Two Injured Jumping From Apartment Fire In New York City)

The blaze was contained by nightfall, but smaller fires had to be put out throughout neighboring apartment buildings throughout the night and into the following morning.