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The Statement About Wealth Creation that Changed Dr. A. L. Blue’s Life

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Even though people change and grow from one moment to the next, sometimes this growth happens in leaps. Many people can pinpoint a transformative moment or interaction that profoundly shaped their perspective and trajectory. For some, that thing their mentor or a parent said stuck with them throughout the years. Others might point to the one thing they read in a book or saw in a movie.

That pivotal moment came during a conversation with Dr. A. L. Blue, renowned entrepreneur, wealth creation expert, minister, and CEO of Bluewealth solutions consolidated LLC. It was a simple statement by a successful man that changed his life.

“I had the privilege of talking with S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, a year before he passed away. I was in his office with my grandfather, a big-time bishop in the church “Bishop Milton Perry,” Dr. Blue recalls. “And we were talking about the book he wrote: wealth, is it worth it?, and he made a powerful statement to me I teach everywhere I go today. He said that after you have enough to take care of your basic needs, family, and everything else, all the wealth above should go to bettering humanity.”

Dr. Blue always had an intrinsic understanding of the importance of financial stability. However, meeting Cathy opened his eyes to a new perspective on wealth and its purpose. The simple yet profound declaration resonated deeply with Dr. Blue and altered his understanding of wealth and prosperity.

From then on, Dr. Blue adopted this principle as his guiding star. He understood that wealth, once it exceeds one’s personal needs and those of their family, should be utilized for the betterment of society. This concept that prosperity should serve a more significant cause became a defining aspect of Dr. Blue’s wealth management approach.

“Take that approach to building wealth. Suddenly, anyone can say, ‘I want to have as much as I can because now, I can do as much as I feel compelled by God to do,” Dr. Blue explains. “I can help the homeless, help the brokenhearted, help those who are in bondage, those who are not educated. My wealth makes that possible. It’s a message I think can impact people and get them to rethink their relationship with wealth.”

It certainly helped Dr. Blue integrate it with his personal beliefs. The ability to generate wealth is a “God-given thing,” a divine endowment that should be nurtured and cultivated. It is not an inherently wicked pursuit but a righteous endeavor when guided by moral principles — just like those outlined in S. Truett Cathy’s words of wisdom.  

This approach to wealth creation has a name in Dr. Blue’s teachings – the concept of the “Wealthy Righteous.” These are not individuals who hoard wealth for selfish gain. Instead, they view their wealth as a tool to benefit humankind. They’re wealthy, not perfect, but righteous in their actions. Their wealth is not a fortress isolating them from the rest of the world but a resource to enrich their communities.

As per Dr. Blue, the key to becoming “Wealthy Righteous” is to shift one’s understanding of prosperity. It’s about realizing that prosperity serves a dual purpose: to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to facilitate your efforts to impact society positively.

To many, the idea of being prosperous and maintaining a righteous path can seem like a paradox. However, Dr. Blue argues that the two are not mutually exclusive. By redefining the meaning of prosperity, one can start to see it as a divine enablement that can be used to affect positive change in the world.

Dr. Blue passionately expounds that those who are “abundantly supplied” are better positioned to impact their communities significantly. When God desires to initiate change, He can inspire these individuals, directing them to deploy their resources for good. Whether establishing a community center or supporting charities, the “Wealthy Righteous” have the means to make a real difference.

There’s no denying the pragmatic aspect of Dr. Blue’s philosophy. He understands and acknowledges the need for financial stability and growth. He drives a Mercedes but also emphasizes the necessity of good work, using wealth as a catalyst for positive change.

Dr. Blue offers a refreshing perspective on the intersection of faith and wealth. It’s a shift from seeing wealth as a means to an end to viewing it as a tool for bettering society. His message is not just about financial prosperity but a call to action for potential “Wealthy Righteous” to step up, utilize their God-given ability to generate wealth, and make a difference in the world.

Dr. Blue’s approach to wealth creation serves a dual purpose in the grand scheme of things. First, it offers a roadmap to personal financial success while underscoring morality and community-mindedness’s role in that journey. It encourages us to use that success to create positive societal change, firmly rooting the pursuit of wealth in the soil of righteousness and moral responsibility.