Alec Baldwin’s Wife Gets Trolled For Posting Bizarre, Pelvis-Thrusting Workout Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Hilaria Baldwin is being trolled on social media after posting a bizarre workout video that shows her aggressively thrusting her pelvis.

Hilaria, a former yoga instructor who married actor Alec Baldwin in 2012, drew relentless mockery as her video circulated online. The 28-second clip shows Baldwin making direct eye contact with the camera as she does a series of workout moves. She begins by pushing her waist forward multiple times in a thrusting motion, then moves her hips from side to side. The video quickly became a laughingstock as fans poked fun at her and began posting parodies.

“I’m focusing on activating my pelvic floor and initiating each movement from inside, rather than relying on my limbs to drive me thru (think sensation of trying not to pee, to put it plainly—kegels),” Baldwin wrote in the caption to her video. “I have been having some lower back stuff since baby was born, so I’m really trying to improve my core strength. Especially after having so many children.” Hilaria and Alec have seven children together.

One Twitter user called her movements “disturbing and nasty,” while others said it looked like she was acting out a sex scene. (RELATED: REPORT: Alec Baldwin Accused Of Having An Icy Exchange With Female Server)

Comedian Celeste Barber took aim at Baldwin by creating a parody video impersonating her odd workout moves and captioned her post,  “We call this workout the Horny Teenager.”