Man And Woman Charged With Burglary After Allegedly Trying To Break Into Florida Business To Escape ‘Ghost’

(Gaston De Cardenas /AFP via Getty Images)

Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A man and woman from Florida were charged with burglary Tuesday after allegedly attempting to break into a business to escape a “ghost,” Click Orlando reported.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) received a report of a shooting, Click Orlando reported. Thirty-eight-year-old Andrew George, was found lying on his back, bloodied and crying out for help, with 36-year-old Natasha Kachuroi beside him. The cause of his injuries remains unknown, MSN reported

The couple informed the VCSO that they had rented a room at the nearby Travel Inn. They believed someone was trying to break into their room through the hotel bathroom window, Click Orlando reported. Gripped by fear, George and Kachuroi fled, convinced they were being pursued by a mysterious “shadow,” according to court records cited by the outlet. (RELATED: ‘Who The Hell Are You?’: Senior Citizen Fatally Shoots Alleged Intruder)

Their flight led them to the marina parking lot, where they continued to run frantically, under the impression that an unknown person was chasing them, Click Orlando reported. They separated when George stumbled and fell into the water while attempting to escape.

Kachuroi managed to pull George out of the water, and they rushed to a nearby business, Click Orlando reported. Desperate for help, Kachuroi reportedly pounded on the door, while George allegedly threw a chair in an attempt to break the window, according to the outlet. Meanwhile, residents in the vicinity were abruptly awakened by cries for help outside their home. A concerned woman went outside to investigate and discovered George and Kachuroi on the front porch of a neighboring business.

Startled by the woman’s appearance, Kachuroi pleaded for assistance. However, George allegedly charged toward the woman, causing her to seek refuge in her home by locking the door. George allegedly continued to pound on the door, while the woman armed herself with a kitchen knife, threatening to use it if he attempted to break in.

Kachuroi tried to intervene and prevent George from allegedly forcibly entering the residence, when the homeowner called 911. George reportedly claimed that he and Kachuroi fled the hotel due to a “ghost” relentlessly pursuing him and posing a significant threat to his well-being, according to the outlet.

George reportedly told police he had intended to enter the building but refrained after hearing the voices of children, saying he didn’t want to scare a child. George allegedly admitted to consuming “molly,” a street name for the illicit drug ecstasy, Click Orlando reported. 

George faces two counts of burglary and is currently being held on a $20,000 bond, while Kachuroi faces charges of being a principal to burglary and a drug offense, with her bond set at $5,000, Click Orlando reported.