Female Dem Pollster Offers To Box Biological Male To Disprove Transphobia

(Photo credit should read DEREK R. HENKLE/AFP via Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Female Democratic pollster and contributing New York Times opinion writer Elizabeth Spiers agreed Wednesday to box a biological male to disprove transphobia.

The saga began when Spiers responded to a thread regarding biological men in female sports.

“‘Protect female sports’ is a conservative message when it’s wielded against trans people and has nothing to do with feminism,” Spiers posted in response to a tweet from WomenAreReal.

“How is ‘protect female sports’ a conservative message?” WomenAreReal responded.

“Because liberals don’t deny that trans women are women. You do,” Spiers said.

“$10k to charity of Elizabeth’s choice if she boxes a trans woman,” another account, Texture, tweeted.

Spiers responded, agreeing to the deal. (RELATED: National Cycling Org Bans Men From Racing Competitively Against Women)

“I’ve never boxed in my life but if I did I’d be fine with boxing a trans woman in my weight class. The women’s sports nonsense is just a vehicle for transphobia and has nothing to do with fairness in sports.”

Biological men who claim to be women have physiological advantages over biological women, according to a study released in August by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study found that trans women have greater muscle mass and bone density, along with greater lung capacity and higher oxygen levels.

“The former male physiology of trans women athletes provides them with a physiological advantage over the cis-female athlete,” the study found. “The inclusion of trans women in the elite female division needs to be reconsidered for fairness to female-born athletes.”