‘Black C*ck Black’: ESPN’s Tom Hart Has One Of The Most Embarrassing Slip-Ups Ever During Auburn-Vanderbilt Game

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Wow … talk about embarrassing.

Tom Hart was calling the ESPN-televised SEC Tournament 2nd Round college baseball game between Auburn and Vanderbilt, and during the bottom of the eighth inning, he had one of the most embarrassing slip-ups ever that surely made him wish that he could “turn the clock back.”

Hart was attempting to say “You can’t turn the clock back,” but the problem was, his mouth didn’t exactly go along with what his mind was processing, and it created one of the most hilarious mishaps that you will ever hear.

“You can’t turn the black c*ck black,” said Hart.

Adding even more comedy to the situation, you could hilariously hear his announcing partner, Chris Burke, let out an “ooh!” after the mistake.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I first heard this.

My whole thing is though, why on earth did it take him so long to fix up his mistake?

Like, my man dragged it out to a T and made it worse than what had to be, which in turn made it more funny than what it should have been. And hey, maybe that was the goal for Tom Hart, he wanted to have a viral moment to add more fire to his brand. And if that secretly was his plan at that moment … kudos.

Because now everybody is talking about Tom Hart. Before this … who was Tom Hart? (RELATED: REPORT: Rob Manfred Could Threaten Milwaukee Brewers With Relocation In Attempt To Renovate American Family Field)

Most likely, it was just a mistake, a very awkward one, but a mistake nonetheless. But I like to think that Tom Hart was being a marketing genius here because it would make this entire situation even more hilarious.

Here’s to Tom Hart … a true legend.