EXCLUSIVE: Trump To Release Memorial Day Video Ripping Biden Over Inflation

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Former President Donald Trump plans to release a video Friday slamming President Joe Biden for the soaring prices of goods across the United States.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the video, in which Trump targets Biden, claiming that Memorial Day weekend will be substantially more expensive due to Biden’s “reckless policies.”

Trump then lists a number of items that have gone up in price. (RELATED: Trump Puts Aim On Biden In First New Hampshire Stop For 2024 Campaign)

“This Memorial Day, gas prices are up 48 percent since Joe took office. That’s right, 48 percent. Food prices are up 18 percent. Airline prices are up 41 percent. Taxes are higher than ever. Interest rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American Dream out of reach for countless millions of families. Meanwhile, in the Joe Biden economy, real wages are down 25 months in a row. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it,” Trump states in the video.

“In fact, it’s the longest streak on record,” he continues. “The typical American family this Memorial Day weekend has lost an average of nearly $7,000 a year in purchasing power because of Joe Biden’s failed presidency. You can take the worst five presidents in history and they haven’t done the damage that Joe Biden has.”

“Help is on the way,” the former president and current GOP frontrunner then adds. (RELATED: Trump Details Endless Legal Fights In Primetime Mar-A-Lago Address After Indictment)

Trump is set to release the video Friday afternoon.