Massive Shark Swims Under Kayaker In Horrifying Video

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Two kayakers trembled at the sight of a massive shark approaching their kayak, according to a video.

Louise Barker and Becky Hatchett were kayaking off the coast of Cork, Ireland, when they saw a large basking shark swimming under their kayaks, according to Fox News. Barker claimed there have been more shark sightings since the start of the pandemic. (RELATED: Man Touches A Great White Shark In Viral Video)

The basking shark is the second-largest fish in the sea, according to the Natural History Museum.

The basking shark is not dangerous to humans, however, as the species only eats plankton, according to the Natural History Museum. This type of shark is considered an endangered species, but currently maintains stable population rates.

Basking sharks have historically been hunted worldwide for their their oil, meat, fins, and vitamin-rich livers, according to the National History Museum. The U.K., among others, now protects the species, however, it is still hunted throughout Asia.

A snorkeler was attacked by a shark off the Irish coast in August 2022, according to the Irish Mirror. It’s unclear what species the shark was, though British Sea Fishing experts suspected it was a blue shark, porbeagle or basking shark.