REPORT: Rob Manfred Could Threaten Milwaukee Brewers With Relocation In Attempt To Renovate American Family Field

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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One, two, and now three MLB teams could be relocating…? Holy cow!

Major League Baseball is already dealing with two ballpark issues, with the Oakland Athletics currently working on relocating to Las Vegas and the Rays potentially moving out of Tampa Bay because of their own stadium drama.

Well, it looks like MLB has a third ballpark saga to deal with, as commissioner Rob Manfred is reportedly in Milwaukee and will be holding a press conference in an attempt to force the Brewers to renovate American Family Field, formerly known as Miller Park, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

If that doesn’t sound pressure-filled enough already, the worst-case scenario in this whole situation is actually massive, as the Brewers could be forced to relocate from Milwaukee if they fail to get renovations done.

With upgrades needed to seating, concourses, and gathering spots, renovations are estimated to cost $428 million over 20 years, according to the Journal Sentinel. The current lease between the Brewers and American Family Field, it runs through 2030, but a renovations agreement would extend the lease to 2043.

Wow … we’re looking at a situation where Major League Baseball could look quite different in just a few years.

With the Tampa Bay Rays’ possible relocation, I’m not necessarily fond of that, I prefer to keep them in Florida. But with the Oakland Athletics, I’m all for them moving to Las Vegas, I find that absolutely glorious. And with the Brewers, I’m fine with them moving out of Milwaukee to a more flashy city, because let’s be honest, what’s appealing about Milwaukee? (Hint: Nothing)

As far as where I’d like to see them relocate, my top three list is Orlando, Charlotte and New Orleans, and in that order. I know a lot of people out there are bringing up Nashville, and I like Nashville, but I prefer the other three, led by Orlando. And why? (RELATED: REPORT: Central Penn’s Angel Mercado-Ocasio Dies After Illegal Dugout Collapses On Him)

It’s the Sunshine State, baby.

Bring ’em on down to Florida, Rob.