Videos Of Supercell Storm Over US Are Almost Hypnotic


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared online of either one or a series of huge supercell storms that developed over New Mexico and parts of Texas on Wednesday are almost hypnotic to watch.

It is unclear whether all of the footage shared online is of one supercell storm or several that have developed over the southwestern part of the country in recent days. Severe storms swept through the area from Grady to Tucumcari, New Mexico, with wind speeds reaching up to 92 mph, ABC 7 reported Thursday. But other events were forecast throughout the week and into the holiday weekend.

Witnesses captured footage from all over the state, including this absolutely terrifying video allegedly taken in Grady, New Mexico.

Other clips and images alleged from Grady “will never be able to do it any justice on just how incredible last nights supercell was,” another Twitter user said, sharing three incredible photographs and a short video of lightning.

Residents in Clovis, New Mexico, appear to have experienced a huge supercell storm, although it may well have been the same one as above. The event was labeled a “destructive storm,” with the National Weather Service (NWS) reportedly issuing a warning from the region.

Another Twitter user claimed footage they shared online was taken within the region on Tuesday! This would mean three days of back-to-back supercell storms throughout the area. (RELATED: South Africa Faces 16-Hour Blackouts This Winter Due To Corruption And Mismanagement. It Could Happen Here)

The U.S. is heading into an El Niño weather event, which will impact weather and climate patterns across the globe until possibly as late as 2024. Hurricane season is anticipated to start early in 2023, and a hellishly hot summer is in store for most of the country, including regions currently experiencing 200% or more snowpack than average.