Hornell Loses NY State Championship To Palmyra-Macedon In The Most Bizarre Way Imaginable (Believe Us, It’s Weird)

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Get ready to have your mind blown.

A high school baseball game for the New York Section V, Class B1 state championship between Hornell and Palmyra-Macedon ended in outright bizarre fashion after the former started celebrating prematurely, causing the title to switch hands to the latter. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds.

In the seventh inning, Palmyra-Macedon drove in five runs, and then a dropped two-out third strike allowed two more runs to cross home plate to give them the 6-5 win, according to Pickin’ Splinters — who covers Rochester-area sports.

The crazy scene broke out when strike three was called, and the batter ran to first base after the catcher dropped the ball.

The catcher popped up and seemingly tried to tag the Palmyra-Macedon hitter, with the home plate umpire making a safe sign when the catcher turned back.

Thinking the game was finished, the catcher ran to the pitcher’s mound while jumping and celebrating as other players from Hornell joined in on the “festivities” at Dwyer Stadium in Batavia, New York.

Despite the celebration, however, Palmyra-Macedon runners kept going around the bases, and when one of them got to second, a Hornell infielder was spotted pointing at home plate, realizing his team hadn’t won yet. Video showed the infielder tried to tell the rest of his team, but failed to get the message across. (RELATED: ‘Black C*ck Black’: ESPN’s Tom Hart Has One Of The Most Embarrassing Slip-Ups Ever During Auburn-Vanderbilt Game)

He ran and tried to make a play himself to save his team, and then a teammate of his joined in to help, but nobody was able to locate the ball and the game-winning run ended up crossing the plate for Palmyra-Macedon.

Eventually, the umpiring crew got together and ruled Palmyra-Macedon the winners before walking off the field — a decision that left everybody, including the broadcaster (and myself), confused as heck.

“Wait a minute, Hornell’s got to pay attention,” said the broadcaster as Palmyra-Macedon runners were rounding the bases. “I’m not sure what’s going on here.”

Then a few moments later, the broadcaster acknowledged what you’re about to.

“Wow, this has gotta be the most bizarre ending I’ve ever seen.”


Truly one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve ever witnessed in sports.