Reality TV Star Lisa Rinna Reveals She Left ‘Real Housewives’ After Receiving Death Threats

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna said death threats were the main reason she left the show after starring in the reality television series for eight seasons.

Rinna, who also appeared in “Dancing with the Stars” and the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” said she felt this was the right time to say goodbye during a May 25 interview with Evening Standard’s ES Magazine. Nearly five months after announcing her departure, Rinna admitted things became too “volatile” for her to continue with the show.

“The way the fan base reacts to the show now is not how it was when I first started. I mean, we were getting death threats,” Rinna said. “Some of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen in print in my life, and it’s a reality show! It’s a stupid show!”


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Rinna revealed the dark side of fame and admitted things became too much to handle when it came to fan interactions.

“I think the world itself has gotten so volatile that the response doesn’t match what we’re doing,” she told the Evening Standard.

“I didn’t want to live like that,” Rinna said. “I don’t think that’s healthy.”

Rinna was known for being outspoken and unafraid of confrontation during her tenure on the show. A series of memes were generated around her popular sayings, facial expressions and dance moves. She amassed an impressive fan base, but all good things come to an end, and Rinna has no regrets.


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“Eight years of that kind of show … What more could I have done, besides generate more memes?” she said. (RELATED: Shy Glizzy Allegedly Threatened To Kill Girlfriend And Her Family)

“I thought: ‘It’s time to go.’ I’m not sure how much longer that can exist in the zeitgeist, to be honest with you,” Rinna said.