‘Only God Can Do That’: Nun’s Body Shows Little Decay Years After Burial In What Is Believed To Be A Miracle

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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A nun’s body in Missouri shocked many followers after showing almost no signs of decay despite being buried for four years, according to KCTV.

Thousands of Catholics came from different parts of the country to witness a “miracle” that took place in the convent of Gower, Missouri, where a nun’s corpse shows no sign of decomposition after years of being buried, KCTV reported May 27. Some convent staff members recently opened the casket to move Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster’s body. What they found, however, was the sister’s body showing almost no sign of corruption.

“It’s unbelievable,” Parfait Miaktsindila said, according to KCTV. “Only God can do that. I believe.”

Nun’s body seemingly incorrupt 4 years after burial, some call it a ‘miracle in Missouri’

— KCTV5 News (@KCTV5) May 23, 2023

“This is something I didn’t want to miss because it’s once in a lifetime, okay?” Miaktsindila added. “Seeing miracles like this, it strengthens our faith so I would encourage other people to come with their own eyes and see and visit what we have seen today.” (RELATED: 10-Year-Old Girl Named Miracle Helps Mom Deliver Her Baby Sister)

The little town of Gower has no more than 1,500 residents and yet, believers from all over the country have been willing to make the trip to visit the sister’s body and witness the “miracle,” KCTV reported.

“It’s enough of a sign where people can question it, but not enough where it’s absolutely certain because people have to take the leap of faith,” Joseph John Mullen told the outlet. Mullen reportedly traveled 16 hours from Pennsylvania to reach the convent.

“I was overwhelmed to tell you the truth,” he continued. “I was just overwhelmed. You hear or read about these things, you know they are true, maybe in Europe somewhere, but to actually see it happen in our day and age, I think is a great testament to the Catholic faith.”