Reality TV Star Reveals She Woke Up In A Hospital After Suicide Attempt

YouTube,Savannah Chrisley

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Savannah Chrisley from “Chrisley Knows Best” spoke to Patrick Custer for her Unlocked podcast and revealed that she attempted suicide in her teenage years.

Chrisley talked about her traumatic moment and expressed how challenging her life was at the time.

“I didn’t really have a life-or-death experience, but I did try committing suicide so that potentially was maybe my life-or-death experience,” she said to Custer. “But for me, it was more a cry for help,” she said on the podcast.

“It’s so crazy because when you go through so much trauma, I feel like your mind just blocks it out,” she continued.

Chrisley didn’t provide further details about her suicide attempt, but alluded to how serious the situation was.

“I also feel like, too, there were maybe some side effects to what I had done to where it affected my memory but it all really was a blur,” she said.

The 25-year-old described the moment she realized what had happened.

“I do remember waking up in the hospital and, you know, my parents being there and discussions being had,” she continued.

Chrisley described the lengths she was willing to go to to conceal her own pain at the time of her suicide attempt.

“Even at that time, I remember lying to the doctors because I didn’t want to be held at the hospital,” she said.

She recalled trying to justify her state of mind.

“Nothing’s wrong with me, it was just a bad moment,” she recalled saying to her family. (RELATED:  Popular Social Media Dad Dead By Suicide)

Chrisley admitted it “was also hard coming off of that straight in into reality television in front of the world and having even more thrown at you.”

“I just kind of remember masking over. Like, I was fine,” she added. “You know, that was just like a hiccup. I’m fine, I’m not crazy.”