Resurfaced Video Shows Target Diversity Chief Suggesting Employees May ‘Leave’ If They Think Differently

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Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Target’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer told employees in a resurfaced video that they should get on board with the company’s woke agenda or leave.

The video, from June 2021, shows Kiera Fernandez speaking with two other DEI officers from 3M and Cargill, and the VP of Career and Professional Development at St. Catherine University. Fernandez’s comments have since resurfaced on Twitter in the wake of controversy surrounding Target’s LGBT-themed clothing for kids. (RELATED: Texas Children’s Hospital CEO Announces ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Plans To Discontinue Child Sex-Change Program)

“Not everyone is going to believe or be bought into our strategies and our priorities on this topic. They just aren’t,” Fernandez said. “And so when we talk about leader accountability and the importance of representation and strategies and goals being integrated into someone’s responsibility like just to be really pragmatic and practical, then it becomes, ‘ok we may not be able to change your mindshift on appreciating why this is important, but you do understand that as a part of your job responsibilities, you will lead inclusively, you will have representation on your team, you will be responsible for these behaviors, values, and expectations.'”

“And it also quite frankly puts a lot on the folks that don’t believe in this, but emphasizes that you still have to do it to be a part of this company,” she continued. “And eventually you’ll see a change in their mindset, or they may leave and, you know, that’s a part of this process too. This isn’t for everyone. But what has to be for everyone is accountability and accountability comes with transparency.”

Target lost $9 billion in market value in a week after conservatives led a boycott against the company for its swimsuits that allowed children to “tuck” their penises to resemble a vagina, as well as chest binders for girls, and pride-themed newborn sized onesies. Target CEO Brian Cornell stood by the company’s LGBT merchandise despite the backlash.