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Right Way To Play Games On GamStop

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You all know what GamStop is. It is basically a platform available for UK players that will help players who suffer from gambling addiction distance themselves from online casinos and betting sites. You will create the account and choose how long you want to be away from online gambling. There are a lot of things you need to know here and below we will explain all of them.

Details About Self-Exclusion

The main thing to know here is that when you create a self-exclusion plan you will choose how long it will be valid. You can choose 6 months which is common or 1 or up to 5 years. You cannot remove the ban and you cannot pause it or do anything about it. There is no way you can affect this. This is the main reason why GamStop is so popular and so successful. 

The goal here is simple. A player will be able to keep himself away from online gambling and he will get the time to work on his addiction and possibly solve it completely. Once he solves the problem, he can remove the ban (after the self-exclusion has expired) and continue gambling. This works well. 

What Games You Can Play While On GamStop

Believe it or not you can still play games while on GamStop. See, this platform will affect UKGC sites only. GamStop will cover all sites that are related to gambling and betting and have the licence. As only a few percentages of players are looking for sites with no GamStop games that accept self-excluded players, this program has a high efficiency today. This is another reason why GamStop is so effective. Now, when you know that removing the self-exclusion before it expires is not possible you may wonder how you can play a game. There are a few options.

Offshore Sites For Gambling

Many players who are on GamStop will want to play games still. You can do that. The key here is to play these games at sites that have licenses from MGA, Curacao or some other gambling authority. Most of these casinos do not have UKGC licenses. GamStop works with sites that have UKGC license only hence you can deduce the obvious.

In simple words, you can still play games at casinos that have a license and accept UK players. Not all casinos are like this. These are commonly known as non-GamStop casinos and they give you the ability o play great games. You won’t break the law and you can play all the same games.

It is important to add that these casinos have some advantages. They typically offer better games and they offer more advanced bonuses. While at UKGC casinos you can get a 100% welcome match, here you can get a 400% welcome match deposit bonus. This does make sense and a lot of players can have a lot of fun playing here. 

Crypto Casinos

These casinos are a bit special. They may have a lot of licenses but once again, you will have to look at the ones without UKGC license. The main difference compared to other casinos is the fact they use cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

What this means is that all your transactions are completely anonymous and there is no way a third party can discover them. One advantage here is an impressive list of bonuses for newbies. These casinos can offer a lot of great promotions available all the time. We must add that these sites are safe as well and they offer special games some of you may play. These are crypto games and they are very appealing these days. 

Casino-Themed Games

Some players who are on GamStop will find another option. They will play free games that look like casino games but don’t require from you to deposit funds. You can still play slots and other games. But, most commonly you will find these within PC games or online games. In some cases, you can see that a PC game will have a full-size online casino. The best example is GTA Online.

The goal here is to play games that have a lot of similarities with ordinary casino games but are completely free to play and don’t require from you any deposit or anything similar. 

Don’t think that these games are rare. As a matter of fact, you can find countless options. Even Pokémon game from the 80s has slots built in. Modern games of this kind come in massive numbers as well. Because you won’t have to invest real money to play games, this is not considered as gambling and you can play for free as long as you like.

The Final Word

Even when you are on GamStop you can play and have fun. But always remember that you need to follow responsible gambling principles and use available tools if you have any issues. These are some of the options that most players will have fun and enjoy. The only real question is which option you like the most. Some players will prefer demo games, while others will want to gamble at offshore casinos. Choose the one option you like the most and have fun.