Oakland Athletics’ Attendance Is So Embarrassingly Low That Nobody Cared About A Fan Running Onto The Field

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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God, the Athletics are so cringe.

On pace to be one of the worst teams ever in Major League Baseball history, the 2023 Oakland Athletics also have one of the worst fan attendances, and it embarrassingly showed Tuesday as one fan ran onto the A’s field like it was a normal part of the franchise’s pre-game festivities.

Video is circulating online of a fan jumping over the fence and hopping on the field of Oakland Coliseum before the game between the Athletics and Atlanta Braves. Starting from third base, the (invader?) sprinted around the bases in reverse and then went back to his seat with no problem.

If this would have happened at any other ballpark in the league, we all know what would happen there — the fan would get smashed and then taken to jail (at least that team’s form of jail) but in Oakland?



I’ll take “Why are the Athletics moving to Las Vegas?” for $1,000, please.

This is just embarrassing, man. Like, wow … is the attendance that crazy low in Oakland where nobody cares if a fan just casually runs around the bases?

Only two people said something to the guy, but even then, the effort was minimal. But I’m thinking maybe they don’t care because they know they’re about to lose a job and are just riding it out now. That would certainly explain the lack of care. (RELATED: New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge Makes Unbelievable Catch Against Seattle Mariners)

Regardless, not a good look for the Oakland Athletics.