Social Media Influencers Shut Down Rumors That They Were Connected To Jeffrey Epstein

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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TikTok stars and social media influencers the Island Boys have come forward to debunk rumors that they are the children featured in a photograph with Jeffrey Epstein, TMZ reported.

A dated image surfaced recently that shows Epstein on a beach with four young kids gathered around him, and the internet immediately began suggesting the kids were The Island Boys, according to TMZ. Flyysoulja says he and his twin brother, Kodiyakredd, have seen the viral photo but they insist the kids in the image are not them. They claim not to have known who Epstein was until he was accused of various crimes.

Speculation suggests the images that surfaced were from one of Epstein’s private islands in the Caribbean, and the children appear to be very young in age. Flyysoulja said he and his brother did not leave Florida until they were 18 years old, according to TMZ. He also noted the background of the photograph didn’t resemble the Florida area.

Flyysoulja also pointed out that when he and his brother were very young, the fraternal twins looked nearly identical to one another, TMZ noted. The kids in the viral photo had different hair colors. (RELATED: Billionaire Purchases Epstein’s Islands For $60 Million, Plans To Develop Them Into Luxury Resort)

The differences don’t end there. The influencers are Cuban, and the kids in the picture appear to be Caucasian, the outlet noted.

Flyysoulja made it clear that this was not a photograph that was familiar to him in any way and reiterated that he and his brother never had any interactions with Epstein, according to TMZ.