‘Actually A Pretty Good Michael Jackson Impersonator’: Comic Brings Down The House In NYC With Risky Jordan Neely Joke


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Tyler Fischer shared a video Wednesday featuring a section of his stand-up aimed at the late Jordan Neely, and it brought down the house.

Neely died on May 1 at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in New York City after allegedly being held in a chokehold by 24-year-old former Marine Daniel Penny. Before his death, Neely was reportedly screaming “in an aggressive manner” and informed other passengers that he didn’t care if he went to jail. His actions apparently led Penny to put Neely in a chokehold in order to protect other passengers, according to reports. At some point during that hold, Neely passed out and could not be revived by EMS.

In the set posted to Twitter, Fischer describes how he is “terrified of the subway,” a sentiment held by absolutely anyone who has seen the insane videos of what goes on down there, let alone those who have to actually live in NYC and use it.

“All hell’s breaking loose. You see that homeless guy got killed the other week? The Michael Jackson impersonator?” Fischer asked the audience, who mumbled a nothing response, given the touchy subject matter.

“I watched his videos – not the best Michael Jackson impersonator,” Fischer continued, to a few more laughs. “But then I found out he got arrested for trying to kidnap a 7-year-old. I was like, actually a pretty good Michael Jackson impersonator.” (RELATED: Viral Video Of Subway Maniac Threatening Family Sparks Debate About How To Be A Man In An Increasingly Lawless Country)

Fischer’s mic then cut out, to which he said, “I thought they cut the mic. They’re like, ‘you can’t fuckin… you can’t make fun of a guy who died a few days ago,'” to which the audience began to roar. You can watch the full video here.