‘Like King Kong’: British Man Allegedly Attacked Girlfriend With Bread Knife After Becoming Enraged Over Birthday Meal

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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A British allegedly attacked his girlfriend after becoming enraged , turning into “King Kong,” according to the Bristol Post.

Timothy Robinson, on the day of his birthday, allegedly became enraged after his girlfriend served him cauliflower cheese, asking her if she wanted to “see the real Timothy,” according to the Bristol Post. Lucy Taylor, Robinson’s girlfriend, described Robinson as “looking like King Kong,” snarling like a gorilla and grabbing a bread knife that he held a few inches away from her face. Friends tried to stop him, but he pushed them away while squeezing Taylor’s neck. (RELATED: Man Shoots Girlfriend And Himself At Whataburger On Valentine’s Day: Reports)

The man pleaded guilty to two assaults, strangulation and threatening with a blade, and Judge Michael Longman sentenced him to two years and nine months in jail, according to the Bristol Post.

“You have behaved violently towards her on different occasions. All the offences are made more serious by the fact you were affected by alcohol at the time, the offences were in her home, and the offences were committed in the context of domestic violence,” Judge Michael Longman said, imposing a restraining order of five years on Robinson to stop him from seeing Taylor, according to the Bristol Post.