Lori Lightfoot Gets Harvard Gig Teaching About COVID Response After Violating Her Own Lockdown Rules

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Thursday that she will be teaching a course at Harvard in the fall on her response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lightfoot lost her re-election primary race bid and was replaced by progressive Democrat Brandon Johnson.

Lightfoot said she has been appointed as a senior leadership fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and will teach students about how she governed during the pandemic.

“I’ve always loved teaching, and the opportunity to get back to it is something I am excited about,” Lightfoot tweeted. “Looking forward to sharing the experiences and perceptions I learned governing through one of the most challenging times in American history.” (RELATED: Lori Lightfoot: Guns Are Like Dangerous Baby Cribs That Need To Be Taken Off The Market)

Lightfoot, who previously taught law at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, said she would “share specifics about the way we managed the COVID-19 public heath crisis, and we’ll delve into how we approached the crisis as an avenue to address long standing public health equity challenges using data and science,” according to Fox 32 Chicago.

It is unclear whether Lightfoot will teach about the time she violated both state and local laws by appearing maskless at a 2021 WNBA game. Lightfoot posted a photo of herself barefaced, while everyone around her at the game wore a mask. At the time, both Chicago and Illinois required masks to be worn indoors at all public venues by anyone two years of age or older, regardless of vaccination status.

Lightfoot also violated mandates in 2020 when she received a haircut despite a stay-at-home order.

Lightfoot instituted a vaccine mandate while in office, alleging at one point the city’s police union was trying to “induce an insurrection” after officers were told by Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge President John Catanzara to refuse the vaccine mandate.