‘She Watched That Man Burn’: Woman Arrested For Allegedly Setting Car With Children In It On Fire


Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Police arrested a woman in Southeast D.C. on Monday after she allegedly set a car on fire with multiple people in it, according to ABC 7.

Kiara, an eyewitness, recorded the moment Diane Williams, 49, allegedly set a car with a man, woman and two children inside on fire, according to ABC 7.

“She put whatever she put in that cup, she lit that cigarette upstairs, she walked down those stairs and walked to that car just as calmly as you and I are having a conversation and she watched that man burn. She stood there as if this was a show,” Kiara told the outlet. (RELATED: Mother Forces Son To Overdose On Meds, Tries To Cover It Up by Setting Car On Fire)

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived at the 3900 block of 4th Street and later said they extinguished the fire, according to a Twitter post by the DC Fire and EMS.

Both adults and children were taken to the nearest hospital. While the children showed mild injuries, the woman reported burns on her right shoulder and arm. The man is in critical condition after sustaining third-degree burns across more than 50% of his body, according to WUSA 9.

“I have had nightmares all night and I mean I don’t think that you can imagine seeing a 6-foot man on fire … not in a movie, falling on a hill and then trying to muster up words to talk,” Kiara said, according to ABC 7.

Officers charged Williams with assault with intent to kill, according to WUSA 9.