Peterborough’s Wyatt Wiggins Takes Out Orangeville’s Noah Millsap With Some Of The Most Epic Punches Thrown

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I wanna see Wyatt Wiggins in the boxing ring! Wow!

The Peterborough Merit Precision Junior-A Lakers and Orangeville Northmen lacrosse teams squared off Monday night, with Orangeville getting the 10-2 victory at the Memorial Centre. And though it was the Northmen who won the war, the Lakers won the battles.

In the third period with their record about to decline even further to 0-4, Peterborough started to get frustrated, which resulted in multiple fights breaking out.

In the first set of events — which came at the 5:03 mark — players were behind Orangeville goaltender Chris Origlieri. The first skirmish happened against the boards between Nick Crowley and Owen Rahn, while Ben Trumble and Aidan Fearn faced off afterwards. All four were given 15 minutes in penalties, which ended their nights.

And then came the main event between Wyatt Wiggins and Noah Millsap, taking place right in front of Peterborough’s bench after Millsap was hit with a cross checking penalty. And it was Wiggins who won the day with some of the most epic punches you’ll ever see.


By the way, check out this outright beautiful play from the Northmen (which explains why they won the game):

I really do need to start watching lacrosse.

In a recent blog, I talked about how glorious lacrosse appears to be (I’ve watched minimal of this sport) with smashing hits that only lead to two-minute penalties. And now here we go with fights breaking out — I honestly had no idea you could fight in lacrosse. And then that gorgeous play to top it all off? (RELATED: Delaney Irving Gets Completely Knocked Out And Wins The Famous Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race At The Same Time)

Yeah, man … I’m totally becoming a lacrosse fan. What an entertaining game.