‘I’m Not Letting Anything Pass’: Rand Paul Vows To Hold Back Biden Nominees Until COVID Docs Released

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul vowed Thursday on Fox Business not to let any of President Joe Biden’s nominees through unless documents pertaining COVID-19 are released first.

Paul said on “Mornings with Maria” he’s been trying for three years to obtain records relating to COVID-19 and grants given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Paul said the U.S. is still sending taxpayer money to the Chinese “Academy of Military Medical Research,” whose scientists are members of the Chinese military.

“That’s inexcusable,” Paul said, adding that it wasn’t just China covering up the lab leak but also the U.S. government.

“I continue to try to extract these records. We’ve only gotten important records through whistleblowers and leaks. There have been no records turned over by the Biden Administration,” Paul said. “For three years, I keep asking for records. And when they finally send records, they send records that aren’t pertinent to the investigation.”

Bartiromo then asked Paul what he could do about not receiving the documents. (RELATED: ‘Have You Vaccinated Your Children?’: Rand Paul Grills Moderna CEO Over Adverse Vaccine Reactions)

“I have eight different agencies that I’ve requested records on COVID funding, of research that could have led to the COVID virus or led to the leak — eight different agencies. I got 25 Republican senators to sign. There’s a law that says if you get five senators, they have to send you the information. I’ve had 25. But to date, I have not had one Democrat chairman sign and the Biden Administration says, ‘We don’t care how many people ask for the records. We’re not giving it to you, unless the chairman of the committee gives us – gives us their signature.’ So we continued to ask every day. I’m in the process of blocking nominations, of blocking legislation, if they will not help me to get records. And so this is going on in two major committees that I’m on: the Foreign Relations Committee as well as the Homeland Security.”

“I’m telling you I’m not letting anything pass unanimously, I’m blocking everything until you finally turn over some of these records on COVID,” Paul continued.

“Wow,” Bartiromo said. “Thanks for your leadership, Senator.”

Paul has criticized both President Joe Biden and Democrats in the Senate for not releasing information on the origins of the virus, criticizing Biden after the president signed legislation to declassify intelligence on COVID.

“President Biden signed it and when he signed it said, ‘yeah, I’ll give you the information as long as I determine that it’s not going to hurt our national security,’ which is concerning that he’s already putting a caveat on how much he’s going to give us,” Paul said.