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What Frameworks Are Used Inside GamStop Software?

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Although entertaining, gambling can quickly become an addiction if you don’t take timely measures.  Thankfully, UK players can find such a solution in GamStop, a UKGC-established service. This self-exclusion program helps players tackle gambling-related issues and prevent overspending tendencies.

If you tend to lose track of time and money when gambling online, then you should familiarize yourself with the GamStop scheme. In the meantime, we’re here to help you get all the know-how on the service!

The GamStop Workflow

So, how exactly does GamStop work, and what are the requirements to sign up for the program? GamStop extends its services to any UK online gambling facility that is regulated by UKGC. However, you will still be able to play games with active GamStop at casinos that are outside of the UK network.

If you’re a new GamStop member, you may find solace in its speedy registration process. All potential problem gamblers will be able to sign up in a matter of minutes. During the registration, you’ll have to provide GamStop with personal info such as your full name, home address, and means of contact.

Make sure you update any info that you’ve changed, such as your phone number. That way, GamStop personnel will be able to contact you at any time. You’ll also have to choose the length of your self-exclusion period. Be wise in your choice, as once you self-exclude, there’s no going back! Thus, your options are as follows:

  • 6 months,
  • 1 year,
  •  5 years.

The tool then runs a quick database check to make sure you’re a new user. After that, GamStop will enter your info into its registry, and self-exclusion will take effect in 24 hours or less. The service will use the waiting time to get in touch with appropriate GamStop casinos. Casino providers will be alerted of any new self-excluded members. With that, all the GamStop-registered casinos will disable access and use of their services to the said members.

Many British gamblers refuse to use the GamStop scheme. This is because some players are not regular casino visitors; they play at online casinos rarely and do it just for fun. For responsible players like these, using gaming sites not on Gam Stop is the best choice as there you have no need to register at Gamstop and are able to play games whenever you want.

What Technologies Are Used By Operators?

If you’re tech-savvy or simply intrigued by the GamStop mechanism, you may be interested in learning the technologies it implements. As with any other online website, GamStop’s platform comprises an API, a.k.a. a user-friendly interface, a user database, and a portal for operators.


We’ll begin with the PERL API (Application Programming Interface). GamStop uses a software intermediary to interact with new and existing members. The API allows users to access the website, create an account, and apply for self-exclusion. Below you can see some of the primary PERL API features:

  • The scheme name and its features
  • The synopsis 
  • Two API keys: one for GamStop itself and one for registered gambling operators
  • An API endpoint URL
  • Session timeout
  • Optimal parameters
  • Response return values
  • Copyright and licence.

Database of the Users

GamStop has access to any personal info the users have shared with it. This info is stored in the website’s database for later use. Thanks to this registry, GamStop casinos can create marketing lists, include and exclude players, and so on.

The marketing lists comprise registered members at GamStop casinos. Gambling operators are meant to remove any player that has entered a self-exclusion period from the site. UK casino providers create these lists with the help of the GamStop API.

The operator then sends the list of players to the GamStop scheme, which the platform then reviews and approves. GamStop checks each player’s background to make sure they’ve requested self-exclusion.

Finally, GamStop transmits the database to the appropriate casino. When the casino is notified of any new players who have requested self-exclusion, it ensures that they are no longer able to use its services.

Portals for Operators

The operator’s portal assists GamStop in providing a hassle-free service to casino players. Thanks to this technology, any online casinos possessing a UK Gambling Commission license should implement GamStop to provide the option of self-exclusion.

When operators arrive at the GamStop website, they immediately access the portal by signing up or logging in. Any company personnel has to enter their email address and password. Once in the portal, operators make essential adjustments within the platform, such as managing players, linking them to GamStop casinos, and so on.

The GamStop platform is used by remote casinos only, excluding brick-and-mortar operators. Furthermore, any UK casinos that don’t possess a UKGC license won’t be able to use GamStop’s services.