Ramaswamy Tells Martha Raddatz America Should Stop Involvement In Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy faced a grilling Sunday by ABC anchor Martha Raddatz over his stance on America’s role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ramaswamy told Raddatz in an interview the United States should not further invest its resources in the conflict, saying it is not within American interests. Raddatz asked him if believed Russia taking over Ukraine doesn’t conflict with American geopolitical interests. (RELATED: As US Sends Billions To Ukraine’s Gov’t, One Expert Is Sounding The Alarm On Rampant Corruption)

“You don’t think the possibility of Russia taking over Ukraine is in our interest?” Raddatz asked.

Ramaswamy affirmed he believed he doesn’t believe the conflict is within American interests. When questioned further on his stance on the war between Russia and Ukraine, the candidate said although he does not think Russia should be invading Ukraine, America has larger foreign policy concerns.

“I do not think it is a top foreign policy priority for us. I do not think it is preferable for Russia to be able to invade a sovereign country that is its neighbor. But I think the job of the U.S. president is to look after American interests.”

Ramaswamy then stated he believed America’s “top threat” is the Sino-Russian alliance. He stated our continued involvement with the Russian-Ukraine conflict has strengthened the bond between Russia and China.

“I think that by fighting further in Russia, by further arming Ukraine, we are driving Russia into China’s hands. And that Sino-Russian alliance is the top face we face,” Ramaswamy said, “And what I’ve said is that I would end this war in return for pulling Putin out of that treaty with China.”

Raddatz asked the candidate how he would accomplish influencing Putin’s decision-making, saying previous attempts have failed. She also asked Ramaswamy if his proposal to give Russia the Donbas region of Ukraine would be, in effect, rewarding the invasion.

“You’ve said that you’ve wanted to give him the Donbas. That would be rewarding Putin, wouldn’t it?” Raddatz said.

“I don’t trust Putin, but I do trust Putin to follow his self-interest. I don’t think he enjoys being the little brother in the relationship with Xi Jinping. And so what I think we need to do is end the Ukraine War on peaceful terms that — yes — do make some major concessions to Russia, including freezing the current lines of control in a Korean War-style armistice agreement,” Ramaswamy said.

Raddatz pointed out Ukraine would be opposed to this proposal; Ramaswamy agreed. The candidate also said he would give Russia a “permanent commitment” to keep Ukraine out of NATO.

“But in return, Russia has to leave its treaty and its joint military agreement with China. That better advances American interests and actually further deters China from going after Taiwan, which I think is a much higher priority for the United States,” Ramaswamy said.