Police Make Arrests After Allegedly Finding 105 Cows, 1 Dog Dead On Oklahoma Farm

This is not a photo of the cows involved in the story. (Photo by Brandi Simons/Getty Images)

Brent Foster Contributor
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Oklahoma police made a series of arrests June 2 after they allegedly found 105 cows and one dog dead on a local farm, according to 2 News.

Muskogee County Sheriff Andy Simmons described the carnage at the scene, highlighting the horrible task of “having to be out there with the odor and the flies,” according to 2 News.

Simmons continued, saying one knows “what a ranch smells like, you know. Not death when you step out of your truck,” the outlet reported.

Authorities originally targeted the property after the owner, who visited the current occupants, spotted a few dead cows and alerted authorities on Thursday, according to a Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office press release posted to Facebook.

Upon arriving at the property with a search warrant, authorities impounded 40 cows, four horses, and seven dogs. A stolen tractor, a Kubota model, was additionally recovered, the release continued.

“No grass on the property that was edible. No grazing areas for the cattle,” Simmons told 2 News. (RELATED: Woman Gets Jail Sentence For Killing And Eating Her Hamster On Camera)

Simmons continued, saying one “could tell down on the south end that they were pushing the fence over trying to get to this lush, green grass over in the other field,” the outlet reported.

Cameron Ousley, who works with nearby cattle owners, said the individuals allegedly responsible for the livestock deaths “should have asked for help a long time ago instead of letting cattle die,” 2 News reported.

Two individuals, Lindsey Brashear and Kasey Clay, were arrested in the aftermath of the discovery. They are currently awaiting charges, according to 2 News.