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Available Alternatives To GamStop Program

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Do you believe that GamStop is the only platform of this kind in the United Kingdom? The answer is no. It is one of many and options you may want to use and consider. But you do have alternatives which is a mandatory thing to know. The goal here is the ability to choose the one you like the most and the one that will help you with your problem. Today, we will reveal the most commonly used GamStop alternatives.


This is an acronym for Multi-Operator Self Exclusion Scheme. Here is how it works. You will have to contact the support of an operator where you are gambling. You will ask them to block your account. They will ask you for some information and once it is done, you cannot gamble. A great thing here is that this method will work for operators that are not part of GamStop. 

The goal is the same. You will choose how long you want the self-exclusion to last and you are done. You cannot gamble or bet anymore and you will have to wait for the selected time frame to expire. Only then you can start gambling again. Don’t worry. The whole process is simple and there are no complicated steps or anything like that. 

If you have been gambling at a casino and you have noticed some issues with your gambling addiction, now you can contact them and ask for self-exclusion. They will block your account instantly. Keep in mind that you have to do this at all operators where you are gambling.


SENSE or Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion is another option you can use. The main thing to know here is that it works in the real world. So, instead of getting self-exclusion for online casinos, you will get one for land-based casinos. You will once again have to contact the provider and ask for this. Yes, you still have to provide information and details about yourself so they can block you properly.

Once all of this is done, you won’t be able to gamble at any of the casinos in the United Kingdom. You may be able to enter one but they will refuse to serve you. Only after the self-exclusion period has expired they will serve you again. 

This method has been commonly used by people who have active GamStop or something similar and who want to distance themselves from real-world gambling. It works well and it is very effective. Basically, this is real-world self-exclusion. 

Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme

As you can see Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme is available and this method works well. What you will have to do is to go to the local shop and fill out the form. You will get your self-exclusion activated and you won’t be able to play bingo. Now, some of you will claim that Bingo cannot cause addiction. This is not true. As a matter of fact, it can cause addiction as well and it would be the same one as gamblers get. 

As soon as you are done with the self-exclusion it will be activated and you cannot gamble. Once the time expires you can play bingo once again. Some players have been using this method alongside others for a long time and they find it very interesting and appealing. 

Apps And Software As An Alternative To GamStop

There are a lot of alternatives here that make sense and are great to use. All of these are either software or apps and they can be used on devices you will commonly use for gambling. They are useful as GamStop only covers UKGC-licensed online casinos. It means that there are many GamStop-free online casinos where UK players are able to play. The difference between non GamStop casinos and UKGC casinos is only in the licence and this means that players can easily block them using a software blocker. Those applications are quite common over the world and here are some of the popular options.


This software runs on all operating systems you can imagine. It is effective and it can be used for self-exclusion and at the same time for parental control. You will create the account here and you will be able to block all gambling sites that are in the database instantly. Removing the app from your device is not possible.


It is another software that has been more than just popular. It has been used by millions and it works well. Recently it started covering even crypto platforms and obviously, it has the ability to block a lot of gambling sites. They will be blocked as soon as you are done with installing the software. It’s not free, but constant updates and special features make GamBan one of the best options out there.


The software here or the app if you like it is great. There are already over 100.000 users all over the world and they will tell you one thing. They will claim that the software runs well and helps them block all gambling sites they want. In addition, this software allows you to block a specific website which can be great in this case scenario. 

The Final Word

GamStop is one of the most popular options of this kind in the UK. While some people are looking for the right way to play games while on GamStop, others try to find additional tools that help them to block the remaining sites. Luckily it is not the only one and there are a lot more options you will need and you can consider. The ones we have listed here work well and are ideal for all kinds of self-exclusions. Some work online while others will work in the real world. Choose the one you like and activate it.