Concern Grows For Michael J. Fox After He Falls On Stage


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Michael J. Fox fell on stage during the “Back to the Future” expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia Sunday amid his battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

The actor took the stage enthusiastically before seemingly losing his ability to keep his body upright, as seen in a video posted by Page Six. He was announced onto the stage and proceeded to greet Christopher Lloyd by grabbing his hand in a casual handshake before he lost his balance and fell. Fox fell forward awkwardly but managed to land on a soft couch.

The 61-year-old, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at age 29, made the best of his fall by quickly righting himself into the seated position, then quickly standing up and shouting with excitement.

The Emmy award-winning actor managed to continue forward with his public appearance. He remained on the couch and composed himself before proceeding to engage in the question and answer panel with Lloyd and Tom Wilson, according to the video posted by Page Six.

Fox’s tumble comes just a few weeks after he revealed his battle against Parkinson’s was becoming “harder” during an interview.

“Every day, it’s tougher,” he said during the late April interview. “But that’s the way it is,” Fox said. (RELATED: ‘No Money, No Connections’: Michael J. Fox Describes ‘Dumpster Diving For Food’ At 18 Before Skyrocketing To Fame)

Fox admitted he had been thinking about “the mortality of it” and spoke honestly about the realization that his life span wouldn’t be as full as he had once hoped. “I’m not gonna be 80,” the star said.