ESPN’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Anaheim’ Trailer (And Release Date) Revealed, And It Looks Absolutely Fantastic

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Oh, man. I definitely gotta see this.

It’s funny. Hollywood has produced a ton of classic films throughout the decades, but one of Tinseltown’s greatest creations actually ended up becoming a real life NHL team an hour away in Anaheim. I’m, of course, referencing the legendary Mighty Ducks (that brand was so swagged out).

In 1992, Disney released their sports hit “The Mighty Ducks,” which eventually led to the Walt Disney Company turning the film into a National Hockey League franchise the next year in 1993. ESPN — despite all of their problems, and there’s a lot of them — still has it to some degree because it looks like their next E60 documentary about the early days of the Mighty Ducks team will be a banger. And it has a cool name to boot: “Once Upon a Time in Anaheim.”

Premiering June 11 on ESPN and ESPN+, the documentary will cover how the organization went from a Disney-owned laughing stock (because, of course, they were) to turning into a force in the early 2000’s after the team was sold.

Changed from the Mighty Ducks to simply the Ducks before the 2006-07 NHL season, the franchise won the Stanley Cup in 2007 just two years after they were sold by Disney in 2005 — and only existing a little over 10 years at that.

I totally need to see this. (RELATED: Boston And Pittsburgh Top Best Cities For Hockey Fans, Sunrise Shockingly Makes Top 10)

And get a throwback Mighty Ducks jersey while I’m at it. Man, those things were so fresh.