Finnish Driver Fined $129,544 For Going 20 Over Speed Limit

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A Finnish driver has to pay $129,544 for going 20 miles over the speed limit.

The driver was fined the lofty penalty by police for speeding on Saturday, according to ABC News.

Anders Wiklöf drove 51 miles per hour in a 31 mile-per-hour zone. Alongside this large fine, authorities hit him with a 10-day driver’s license suspension, ABC reported, citing Nya Åland, the main newspaper for the autonomous Åland Islands region of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

“I really regret the matter,” Wiklöf told Nya Åland.

Wiklöf has been fined twice before the latest incident on Saturday. In 2018, he had to pay a ticket for $68,176. Five years earlier, he had to pay a ticket for $102,000. (RELATED: Iconic Finnish Progressive Leader Sanna Marin Ousted From Office Over Economic Failures)

In Finland, penalties are calculated based on the offender’s income. The “day-fine” system is based on an individual’s disposable income for the day, usually determined by dividing one’s daily salary by two. This progressive punishment was implemented to penalize wealthy offenders, who would otherwise be able to pay their way out of problems.

Wilköf, an Aland native, is chairman of a holding company that does business in logistics, helicopter services, real estate, trade and tourism sectors.

The Åland Islands, which form a Swedish-speaking autonomous region within Finland, are located at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia, between the Finnish city of Turku, on mainland Finland’s west coast, and Sweden’s capital of Stockholm.