No Survivors In Plane Crash Intercepted By F-16’s, Impact Left ‘Crater’

[Screenshot/YouTube/10 Tampa Bay]

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First responders arriving at the scene of site where a plane crashed after being intercepted by F-16s over Washington, D.C., airspace have confirmed there were no survivors, revealing the force of the impact left a “crater” in its wake.

On June 4, four F-16s were scrambled after a Cessna 560 Citation V aircraft made its way into restricted airspace over Washington, D.C. Despite multiple attempts to communicate with the pilot, military officials received no response from the Cessna, which was reportedly en route from Elizabethton, Tennessee, to Long Island, New York. The plane, registered by Encore Motors, reportedly was carrying the daughter and granddaughter of Encore Motors owners Barbara and John, in addition a a nanny.

While first responders indicated they found human remains at the grisly scene, they indicated to CNN that the impact was such that only four recognizable pieces of the plane remained. “There was nothing really bigger than your arm,” one source told the outlet. (RELATED: Plane Crash In Nepal Kills 68, Video Captures Horrifying Moments Before Impact)

Rumpel revealed to the New York Times that the family was returning home to New York after a four-day visit to his home in North Carolina. Flight data indicated the plane had made it to Long Island, but for some reason made a 180 degree turn, and began making a straight path over Washington, D.C. where it was intercepted by military aircraft, WBUR reported.

While it is still unclear as to why and how the plane veered so far off course, Rumpel – a pilot himself – wondered to the New York Times if the plane had lost pressurization stating, “they all just would have gone to sleep and never woke up.”

Preliminary investigations indicate the plane struck the ground at a very steep angle, leaving a crater in its wake, the CNN reported.“It descended at 20,000 feet a minute, and nobody could survive a crash from that speed,” Rumpel acknowledged.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has indicated it are carrying out an investigation into the crash.