Elon Musk Fires Back At Hakeem Jeffries Over Claim GOP Is Crashing The Economy

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Twitter owner Elon Musk fired back at Democratic New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on Tuesday after the latter said Democrats saved the economy from Republicans.

The House passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act which suspended the debt ceiling through January 1, 2025, and does not specify a dollar amount by which the limit can be raised. It also includes work requirements for welfare recipients.

The House is also slated to vote on two bills Tuesday and Wednesday that would prevent the banning of gas stoves.

“We saved America from the extreme right-wing plot to crash the economy,” Jeffries tweeted. “They are wasting time in a phony effort to save kitchen appliances.”

“What nefarious actions are they taking to crash the economy?” Musk tweeted back.

The two pieces of legislation would prevent regulators from banning the stoves in the future or setting new standards for newer models, Reuters reported. (RELATED: Here Are The 17 GOP Senators Who Voted For Unlimited Spending)

“The White House wants to limit your ability to purchase and use gas stoves,” House Rules Committee Chairman Tom Cole said Monday, according to Reuters.

New York State recently became the first in the nation to pass a statewide ban on new natural gas hookups just months after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission opened a request for information and invited the public to comment on the alleged harmful effects of gas stoves, which could be the basis of future national regulations.

The disputes surrounding gas stove bans comes after the Department of Energy revealed a proposed rule earlier this year that would set a new “energy conservation standard” for gas stoves and electric cooking equipment. The proposed rule would create energy efficiency standards for newly manufactured gas stoves. Democrats argue gas stoves account for health issues such as asthma.