Flooding From Dam Strike Wipes Out Nearly All The Animals In Ukrainian Zoo: Report

Administration/Handout via REUTERS

Alyssa Blakemore Contributor
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Birds were the only animals to escape a Ukrainian zoo in Russian-controlled territory Tuesday after an explosion caused a major dam to collapse and unleash floodwaters across the region, according to a report.

“Only swans and ducks could escape,” an anonymous member of the zoo’s management told UAnimals.

Management worked to save the Kazkova Dibrova Zoo in southern Ukraine. “Now, it does not exist anymore,” the source added.

The loss of the zoo’s 300 animals occurred when water poured through the Nova Kakhovka dam, Reuters reported. The dam is located on the Dnipro River, separating Russia’s and Ukraine’s militaries. The cause of the dam’s explosion remains unknown, as Ukraine and Russia traded blame Tuesday over responsibility for the dam’s destruction.

Ukraine accused Russia of a war crime in blowing up the dam, while the Kremlin claimed Ukraine intentionally struck the dam as a distraction from its halting counteroffensive, according to Reuters. (RELATED: US Had Intel On Ukrainian Plot To Sabotage Nord Stream Pipeline Months Before Attack: REPORT)

Rising water levels from the dam’s collapse forced hundreds of civilians to evacuate from settlements along the Dnipro River, Reuters reported.

Kazkova Dibrova Zoo’s location on the Dnipro River rendered rescue impossible, according to Reuters. “The park was mined and it was impossible to evacuate the animals,” a zoo official mentioned. “Now Russia has destroyed everything. Our soul is torn by pain,” the official added.